Introducing Photoglassic Memory

The best glass app to help you remember things!

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What is Photoglassic Memory?

We all wish we had a photographic memory. Always on the go, trying to juggle a million things at once. It's maddening all of the simple things we seem to forget. Where are my keys; what time is that meeting; what is the name of that business contact I just met? With our Photoglassic Memory app, we need not be forgetful anymore!


Who is it for?

Everyone who uses Google Glass and could use a little help remembering things now and then. (Unless you already have a photographic memory, or physical assistant at your beck and call. Lucky you if you do). We all wish we had a tool at our fingertips to be the real personal digital assistant that technology promised us a decade ago. Guess what, it's here!

Quick and easy commands

Use short yet descriptive commands, like "Ok glass, remember", to quickly do what you really need to do, remember!

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Hate forgetting things?

Stress no more. The only thing you have to remember is to use the app. Using the "remember" and "recall" commands will quickly tell you where something is or who something was or that important time and date you forgot.

The menu has even more!

Tap on the menu to view the location of where the memory was stored on a visual map. Photoglassic doesn't just remember things for you, it remembers where you were when you asked it to. Done remembering something? Using the menu feature quickly lets you erase the things you would have forgotten anyway.

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